Our Roses

Each Palette box contain stems of beautiful large-headed roses which will come in gorgeous varieties and shades depending on what we think is the most lovely each week from Holland.  

The single-flower style, is our personal favourite as the stunning nature of these roses mean that you don’t need many in a vase to make an impact. The volume of ‘filler’ that is typically sent in a more traditional bouquet, is replaced with a look of minimal luxury.

During the winter months, the variety of roses available is not as broad as in the warmer months. This isn’t to say their quality or beauty is any less, there will be just less choice.

Roses are rarely flawless; they have travelled on quite a journey, often from Africa or Ecuador via Holland all the way to you. It is completely natural there might be little imperfections but this does not mean they will be any less beautiful as they bloom. We take every care possible during the short time they are with us and want every order sent out to be absolutely perfect.

We are dedicated to providing a truly fantastic product backed up with exceptional customer service. We will always get the highest quality available and only order what we need for orders, guaranteeing the freshest and longest lifespan roses. Each gift box includes flower food and rose care instructions.


In order to get the best from your roses, it’s important to condition them as soon as you can. Please follow these instructions thoroughly to ensure maximum life of your roses.


1. Don’t worry if your roses arrive with the outer petals looking tired and creased - these are just the ‘guard’ petals and are designed to protect the perfect inner petals - leaving them on, helps protect the main rose whilst travelling to you.

2. Using sharp scissors (blunt ones crush the stems making it harder for them to take up water) cut 2cm off each stem at a 45 degree angle. 

3. Gently pull off and discard the guard petals - the two or three outermost petals of the rose. It is normal for these ones to be slightly creased or brown. Remove them to discover the unblemished inner petals and to allow the rose to open fully.

4. Wash out the vase you are using really well, so there’s no bacteria growing.

5. Your roses have travelled in special transportation gel, don’t worry if they look a bit droopy, they are just thirsty - after cutting, put them in clean, lukewarm water and add the flower food provided. They will perk up really quickly.

6. It’s important to change the water every few days so bacteria doesn’t grow and shorten the life of the rose, re-cutting each time.

7. Avoid putting in direct sunlight or near anything that generates heat.

8. in Different varieties of rose ‘bloom’ in different ways. Some will open up fully over their life, while others will only open up a little over the same time frame.

The lifespan of roses is affected by many variables, making it difficult to predict how long each one will last for. We guarantee they will look lovely for at least 5 days but if you are really luckily it could be for much longer. Please be aware roses are not as long lasting as other flower types such as carnations or chrysanthemums, however we hope you agree their beauty makes up for the shorter time that we can enjoy them for!