Although we worked in different backgrounds; Event Floristry and Finance, we have very similar tastes and have both had a lifelong love of flowers. Palette was set up during the midst of the pandemic, when we both found ourselves out of employment, raising young families and feeling like we wanted to finally create something together.

With family and friends all over the country, we realised there were so many reasons, occasions and life events where we wanted to send something thoughtful to celebrate or commiserate.

There are plenty of gifts out there, but we realised the challenge is buying something that doesn’t look underwhelming on its own. Searching for small combinations of items that make more of an impact together is time consuming. Then, there is always the more traditional option of sending someone flowers. 

We saw a gap in the market to blend these two elements and create something unique that would take the hassle out of sourcing the perfect gift, presented beautifully, sent nationwide. From that, Palette was born.