In order to get the best from your roses, it’s important to condition them as soon as you can. Please follow these instructions thoroughly to ensure maximum life of your roses.


1. Don’t worry if your roses arrive with the outer petals looking tired and creased - these are just the ‘guard’ petals and are designed to protect the perfect inner petals - leaving them on, helps protect the main rose whilst travelling to you.

2. Using sharp scissors (blunt ones crush the stems making it harder for them to take up water) cut 2cm off each stem at a 45 degree angle. 

3. Gently pull off and discard the guard petals - the two or three outermost petals of the rose. It is normal for these ones to be slightly creased or brown. Remove them to discover the unblemished inner petals and to allow the rose to open fully.

4. Wash out the vase you are using really well, so there’s no bacteria growing.

5. Your roses have travelled in special transportation gel, don’t worry if they look a bit droopy, they are just thirsty - after cutting, put them in clean, lukewarm water and add the flower food provided. They will perk up really quickly.

6. It’s important to change the water every few days so bacteria doesn’t grow and shorten the life of the rose, re-cutting each time.

7. Avoid putting in direct sunlight or near anything that generates heat.